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What are your Classmates saying about O-Chem Express?

Marianne C., FIU

"Hey JD, I wanted to let you know that not only did I pass the final, but I passed the class!!!! You really helped me understand chemistry so much better and the fact that you genuinely believed in me and my ability to pass the class as someone who teaches orgo means the absolute world to me.  I can't thank you enough. I'll see you next year for orgo 2!!!"

Organic Chemistry Tutoring

Book a session with our tutor for a focused and personalized learning experience.


Whether you need an introduction to new topics, a comprehensive review of concepts, or thorough exam preparation, our tutor offers one-hour, 90-minute, and two-hour sessions tailored to your specific needs. ​With diligent organization and approachable teaching methods, our tutor ensures that every detail is covered and understood for your academic success.

Cancellation Policy: You will be charged a cancellation fee of 70% of the service amount if you cancel or reschedule your appointment without giving a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to the start of the appointment. Thank you!

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